Flux Medical
A trust built over the years.

We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices and equipment from a decade.

Who are we?

We design, manufacture and assemble
RF cages and modular units
for medical sector.

We are a manufacturer of specialized RF cabins for medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We produce them in three technologies: Flux Cu which means copper&wood, Flux GALV which means full galvanized steel and Flux AL which means full aluminium. Thanks to our experiece and high mobility, we operate internationally, where we are additionally supported by our experienced distributors.

For several years, we have been successfully designing, manufacturing and installing relocatable and modular medical units with a computer tomography (CT), X-ray devices, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and angiography. We also use the experience gained in the increasingly popular modular construction, where our technology allows us to build buildings composed of a group of modules prepared by us. Objects made in this way, in terms of functionality and parameters, match or even exceed buildings made in traditional technology. We also undertake general contracting of medical buildings.

Our successes


Over 200 installations of equipment for MRI environment, such as non-magnetic or MRI-compatible products


Over 800 manufactured and installed RF cages for medical MRI, research units and other facilities.


Over 20 manufactured and installed heavy doors for bunkers with high-energy devices and fully equipped X-ray and CT sites


Over 50 manufactured and delivered relocatable and modular suites with medical technology for MRI or CT

Our Staff

We are a team of experienced and ambitious technicians and engineers. We undertake the implementation of individual and comprehensive projects of medical diagnostics with passion.

Flux Medical Ltd. is a family company that cares about its good name, employees and customer satisfaction. We have a reliable, competent, experienced and committed to the work performed staff of office workers, production workers and fitters. The current staff consists of several dozen experienced employees.

Together, we try to build a new quality in medical branch.

Our technology

The currently used technology and implemented solutions are the result of several years of hard work, many years of consultations with clients, carefully listened to opinions about our products and fitting into newest trends and standards.

Management Board is responsible for the technology adopted and the direction of development. Company premise has a total of 6,000m² of office, production and warehouse space. The production is equipped with technologically advanced CNC machines in the field of wood and steel processing. Equipment is selected for maximum ergonomics, work safety and with the use of technologies supporting ecology.

FLUX MEDICAL Ltd. employs qualified project engineers, dozens of preparation and production employees, dozens of technicians, engineers and installers, and the quality of customer service is supervised by office employees.

We have a large group of distributors in Europe and our own international group of installation technicians stationed and performing entrusted work for us in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Pakistan, Ukraine, Vietnam or Greece.

We have the ISO 9001 quality management certificate. We regularly undergo quality audits organized by medical manufacturers (OEM) with which we cooperate.


Our experience

For years, we have been cooperating with the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices and equipment. We have installed several hundred RF cages for magnetic resonance imaging sites (MRI) and several dozen Faraday cages for other medical and industrial applications.

We can boast of the supply of over 250 different types of products of specialized non-magnetic equipment for MRI. We are an international company. Our cooperation runs smoothly in such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Denmark, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Nigeria, Singapore, Chile, Finland, Greece, Vietnam, Pakistan and Brunei. All projects implemented so far in Poland and abroad have been carried out reliably and on time, which confirms our belief that we are ready for new challenges.


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