Company policy

We 'resonate’ with the world around us because we know that we have an impact on it.

What are we guided by?

We are a company that is developing very dynamically and is open to introducing new, innovative solutions.

We are constantly working on improving our products and expanding our commercial offer. In our activities, we focus on credibility and transparency of our activities. Therefore, we have adopted certain standards of conduct and ethical standards. The company’s policy is focused on the customer and his satisfaction.

Code of Conduct

The following rules of conduct set us the minimum standards in the field of professional ethics that each partner should observe in business relations with Flux Medical Ltd..

We design and manufacture RF cages for MRI and relocatable and modular suites for MRI and CT. Also those unusual, individual and often tailored to the needs of individual customer. We have the ISO 9001 certificate issued by TUV Nord specifying and imposing requirements for a comprehensive quality management system in the field of our business.

Environmental policy

The standards adopted during the production of our products ensure no or minimal interference in environmental pollution.

All employees are aware of the current problem of environmental pollution of the earth and are committed to taking actions necessary to minimize the generation of waste. The company’s equipment is always considered and selected in terms of energy efficiency and the most environmentally friendly technology. The company successively implements its internal ecological policy, which has been confirmed in recent years by, among others, the replacement of the heating system with a highly efficient one and the full thermal modernization of company buildings. Successive retrofitting of the company with the latest CNC equipment is also considered in terms of low energy consumption of these devices (like Energy Save Systems). All this for the sake of the environment.

Anti-corruption policy

Our goal is to build a company that operates on the basis of the highest ethical standards. We strive to provide a fair and transparent business model free from corruption and conflict of interest. We build this awareness among our employees and business partners, contractors and subcontractors. We also take active measures to support confidence building and free competition, regardless of where we conduct our business.

More information on the anti-corruption policy can be found here.

Open Door Policy

In our daily activities, we do not forget about our team, without whom success would not be achieved, which is why we meet the problems of employees and try to solve them on an ongoing basis.

The Open Door Policy is related to the availability of the board and management for employees who can come with any problem. The atmosphere and friendly relations are important to us because it directly affects the quality and efficiency of our work.

The atmosphere and friendly relations are important to us because it directly affects the quality and efficiency of our work.

Social responsibility

Our social commitment results from a deep conviction about the value of helping those most in need.

For many years, we have been subsidizing an amateur football club so that it can function and develop. We also support initiatives such as fundraising for the most needy, co-organize festivals and sports initiatives, and co-finance the local health service with funds to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also very important for us to take care of our closest employees, which is why every Christmas we provide gifts to the youngest children of our employees, we organize Christmas Eve meetings and other.


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