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Comprehensive solutions are the benefits of working with Flux Medical.

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For many years, we have been undertaking comprehensive shielding for rooms with devices that use X-rays for imaging.

We have performed many sites with various types of X-ray devices, with CT’s or angiographs. Our products are proven and solid solutions that ensure, above all, the effectiveness of the guards and thus safety. Not without significance is also the possibility of disassembling parts of the cover in any place where it is necessary.

We undertake a comprehensive construction of a suite with CT’s, X-Ray devices and angiograph.

We feel good when implementing more complex projects that require greater financial outlays during implementation.

We have knowledge and experience in designing and installing doors for rooms with high-energy radiation devices. These are, for example, radiotherapy bunkers, rooms for storing radioactive waste or NDT rooms.

As in the case of RF cages, safety and a sense of functionality are the most important parameters for us. The interiors of these rooms are easy-to-clean surfaces, made of high-quality materials ensuring ergonomics and functionality.

Safety and reliability.

Wall and ceiling protective panels that we produce are solid, durable and made of high-quality materials. X-Ray doors and X-Ray windows are also products with a solid construction and we know from experience that this is a parameter that distinguishes our covers and allows you to enjoy failure-free operation.

The power of technology


Solid and durable construction of the entire X-Ray shielding system.


A full package of services, from design, production and assembly, allowing for comprehensive performance of a diagnostic imaging facilities using X-ray radiation.


Close cooperation with leading manufacturers of CT’s, X-Ray units and angio devices.


Guarantee of maintaining technical parameters at the required level for many years of using.


A flexible service straight from the manufacturer of the shielding system.


Experience in the production
and installation of shielding for rooms with high-energy devices.
For example: heavy doors
to accelerator bunkers.


Delivery and installation of heavy shielding (over 5mm of Pb and more).


Range of services

X-ray Flux Shield Technology

We specialize in the production and assembly of X-Ray shielding. Our products are durable and solid constructions. The basic applications of our shields are X-ray rooms, CT suites and angiograph rooms. We also have experience with the installation of shielding in non-standard applications, such as laboratory and experimental rooms in scientific and research units.

We undertake the delivery and construction of heavy shields,. For example : where the thickness of the lead shield is 5mm and more. We carry out comprehensive adaptations of the projects.

Heavy shielding door is a very advanced door construction with a lot of weight. For the safety of use, our doors over 250 kg are equipped with automatic opening and closing in standard. As standard, each door set has protection against jamming a person between the door frame and the door leaf, additional protection in the form of a presence sensor, a switch for quick release of the door from the automation (declutching), door switch and control panels for the automation.

Optionally, heavy doors can be connected to the pass control system, fire detection system and any type of automation required by the customer.

Our doors are aesthetic and durable construction ensuring functionality, safety and failure-free operation.

We manufacture and install specialist doors for healthcare sector. We focus on a narrow specialization which is imaging diagnostics. For example on room with X-ray units, CT and angiography. In our solutions, we ensure high work culture and excellent ergonomics.

Classic hinged doors can be made with a lead cover up to 2mm Pb.

Classic sliding doors can be made with a lead cover up to 4mm Pb.

Each of the doors can be retrofitted with automatic opening and closing and connected to the hospital access control system, fire detection system and others.


We manufacture and install specialist windows for the healthcare sector. We focus on a narrow specialization which is imaging diagnostics. For example rooms with X-ray devices, CT and angiography. In our solutions, we ensure modern design and radiation tightness of the window system. The windows can be made with a visible frame or in the 'flush’ system with a panel flush with the wall.

Standard X-ray windows can be made with lead glass with an equivalent of up to 4mm Pb.

Each time the size of the opening is adapted to the customer requirements.


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